Viral LinkedIn post reveals why sales leader became a postie

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UK sales leader Phil Goddard has gone viral on Linkedin for revealing his major career change. (Source: Getty, Linkedin)
UK sales leader Phil Goddard has gone viral on Linkedin for revealing his major career change. (Source: Getty, Linkedin)

After more than 15 years in senior sales roles, Phil Goddard had had enough.

In a recent LinkedIn post that has since gone viral, the England-based experienced salesman explained how he hit a low point because of COVID-19 that ultimately led to a drastic career change.

“At 56, I've decided it's time to do something different,” he wrote.

“As much as I've enjoyed my time in sales, this last year under lockdown has taught me that there's more to life than spinning plates and putting out fires.”

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2020 was a tumultuous year for him, he indicated, during which he was furloughed; made redundant; sold his house; had to go into temporary accommodation; found a new job; landed a new house; but felt socially isolated due to lockdown.

As a result, his blood pressure and stress levels spiked up, and he was sleeping less.

But everything changed when he handed in his resignation in April.

“Last week I started work as a postman in Cambridge,” Goddard wrote.

He now enjoys a much slower-paced lifestyle in his new job, though it takes a different kind of toll on his body.

“I'm averaging 15km per day walking. My feet ache and I've muscles in my legs that I never even knew I had.”

“But I'm working outdoors, I get to meet people; sometimes I even get to stop and chat as well.

“I'd almost forgotten how good that makes me feel.”

Worth the pay cut

Goddard also admitted he copped a significant pay cut for the new career move.

“The money is not what I'm used to, but hey! We're mortgage free now so that's one less thing to worry about.”

His advice? There’s no magic trick to an easy life, but if you’re unhappy, make a change.

“If you no longer enjoy what you do , then do something about it,” Goddard wrote.

“After all you have one life so give it your best shot.”

Goddard spent 11 years at UK telecommunications giant BT, where he held various positions including system engineer, technical consultant, and sales manager.

He then moved onto Vodafone where he spent more than seven years in various senior sales management roles, before moving on to manage major accounts with other companies.

'Much more to life'

Goddard’s LinkedIn post has received more than 51,000 reactions and attracted more than 2,000 comments, with many commending him on the move.

“Sales is a 10 year career at best and just like any politician you're only as good as your last win [or] sale. I'm delighted that you found a new life,” commented Dublin Technological University lecturer Brian Dempsey.

“There's so much more well-being to doing a job that is less stressful and more enjoyable as you move towards your retirement. Smart people know this.”

Many others said they were in a similar position, and that they or their partner had been made redundant and were forced to make a career change as a result – but were happier after doing so.

Others still said it was a fitting lifestyle choice for those moving closer to retirement.

“I think when we are younger we are always chasing the next job [or] promotion etc but by the time you’re in your 50’s you realise there is much more to life,” a LinkedIn user commented.

Several others said the post had inspired them, with one coach and mentor commenting his story was “one of pure joy”.

“Well done for stepping into your postie job, I hope you inspire the many others who have felt their life is for a purpose, to be fulfilled.”

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