Viral TikToker’s Idea Of A Funny Prank Destroys His Parents' Kitchen With Nutella

nutella kitchen
TikToker Covers Kitchen Entirely In Nutella@kaihspeakup / TikTok

I'm not here to judge your hobbies or passions. If you choose to spend your free time playing the piano, brushing up on tennis, or say, covering your parents's kitchen entire kitchen in Nutella, who am I to yuck your yum?

While the first two activities might be more mainstream than the latter, there is a niche group of people out there on the internet making these huge messes and calling it a prank. Case in point: TikToker @kaihspeakup, who decided to cover every inch of his parents' kitchen in the hazelnut spread.

"I always wanted a Nutella house," he wrote alongside the now-viral video, which has garnered a whopping 6.2 million likes and over 90,000 comments. It's safe to say fans were shook—particularly over the potential cost.

"The question is how rich are u to afford that much Nutella," one user wrote on the video streaming platform. "I’m just wondering how you got so much Nutella." Others were more concerned over the parents' reaction...and bugs: "Nah bro, I’d be dead before starting" and "The ants…I can hear them."

While I'd venture to guess that the prank was still quite the mess, according to @kaihspeakup, it wasn't as difficult to clean up as fans guessed. In a follow-up to the original video, he shared just how he pulled off the Nutella kitchen; he covered all of the surfaces in cling wrap. "See im not CrAzY, just crazy," the TikToker wrote.

Viewers were admittedly relieved after discovering the prankster's technique. "THANK GOD THERE WAS PLASTIC WRAP," one wrote, while another added, "I thought he actually painted the cupboards and tables without the wrapping."

While @kaihspeakup didn't reveal his inspiration for the prank, just earlier this year, fellow TikToker Corbin Millet covered his parents' kitchen in peanut butter. According to Page Six, it reportedly took Millet seven hours and 28 pounds of peanut butter to pull off the scheme, followed by nearly four hours of clean up.

"Corbin! You sick f*ck!" said Millet's dad reacted after discovering the prank, in a now-deleted video. "We’re going to get ants, you dick head."

We'll wait here for Nutella's reaction next.

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