Vogue Williams: I'm a full timer on Instagram

Vogue Williams is a "full timer on Instagram".

The 34-year-old model - who is married to TV star Spencer Matthews - has admitted to being hooked on the photo-sharing platform, saying that the vast majority of feedback she receives is "really nice".

Vogue told the Irish Mail On Sunday newspaper: "I'm a full timer on Instagram and I love it.

"I actually have such a nice group of mums and different people who follow me and I would say about 95 per cent of the comments are really nice.

"But if you look at someone like Kim Kardashian, the amount of abuse she gets and the comments, it's just like outrageous that people think it's OK to do something like that."

By contrast, Spencer isn't really a fan of social media, and rarely posts photos of anyone besides himself and his wife.

Vogue - who has been married to Spencer since 2018 - shared: "Spencer doesn't really like social media at all. He only follows one person and that's me.

"If you look at his timeline it's just a picture of me and that's the way he likes it. He always says, 'I don't want to see anyone else's s**t.'"

Meanwhile, Vogue previously admitted she wants to have a second baby later this year.

The model - whose son Theodore was born in September 2018 - revealed she intends to get pregnant and have another child before the year is up.

Listing her goals for 2020 to Frankie Bridge on her podcast 'Open Mind', Vogue revealed: "Hopefully, we'll grow our family this year.

"You're biggest achievement is how happy you are and I think that we're in a really happy place, and would just like to be this happy by this time next year."