Vogue Williams finds parenting 'such hard work'

Vogue Williams finds parenting "such hard work".

The 34-year-old star - who has Theodore Frederick Michael, 17 months, with her husband Spencer Matthews - admits that whilst she "absolutely loves being a mom", but has been finding it tough recently.

She wrote on Instagram: "The sweetest smile in the world! I have to say we've had a tough week or so with this puppy. A week where I think parenting is such HARD work! I absolutely love being a mom but T hasn't been sleeping the best, hasn't been feeling the best and is a lot whingier than usual resulting in us being exhausted. I think I forget what it feels like not to be tired. I always get asked how I do it all because it must seem that way on insta but honestly some weeks are like this. I don't think any of us ever do it all perfectly and that's fine too ... roll on 7pm so I can go to bed (sic)"

Vogue previously revealed she wants to have a second baby with her husband Spencer sometime in 2020.

Listing her goals for 2020, Vogue revealed: "Hopefully, we'll grow our family this year. You're biggest achievement is how happy you are and I think that we're in a really happy place, and would just like to be this happy by this time next year."

Vogue has changed her mind about having four kids after having an "uncomfortable" pregnancy with her little boy.

She shared: "At first I said four but that's now changed. Now we're down to three, so we'll see after we have the second to see if we'll just stay with two. I hated being pregnant. I found it really uncomfortable, I was really sick for the first three months but you do get a great prize at the end. I would give birth 10 times if I didn't have to be pregnant. For one pregnancy, I would swap it for giving birth 10 times. I'd do 10 days of giving birth rather than be pregnant again."