Vogue Williams planning to have second baby in 2020

Vogue Williams wants to have a second bay with her husband Spencer Matthews this year.

The 34-year-old model and former 'Made In Chelsea' star Spencer, 31, already have 15-month-old son Theodore together but she intends to get pregnant and have another child before the year is up.

Listing her goals for 2020 to Frankie Bridge on her podcast 'Open Mind', Vogue revealed: "Hopefully, we'll grow our family this year.

"You're biggest achievement is how happy you are and I think that we're in a really happy place, and would just like to be this happy by this time next year."

The doting parents - who tied the knot in June 2018 - welcomed their first child shortly after their wedding, and were so excited they initially wanted to add three more children to their brood.

Now, the 'Getaways' presenter has changed her mind about having four kids after having an "uncomfortable" pregnancy with her little boy.

Vogue shared: "At first I said four but that's now changed. Now we're down to three, so we'll see after we have the second to see if we'll just stay with two.

"I hated being pregnant. I found it really uncomfortable, I was really sick for the first three months but you do get a great prize at the end.

"I would give birth 10 times if I didn't have to be pregnant. For one pregnancy, I would swap it for giving birth 10 times. I'd do 10 days of giving birth rather than be pregnant again."

Vogue also found it hard to deal with the natural weight gain that accompanies pregnancy and she made it her mission to exercise whilst she was expecting because it made her feel healthier.

She explained: "It's really weird watching your weight go up on the scales, even though you know you're pregnant, you're like, 'Oh, my god. Jesus!' That's quite hard to deal with.

"Training really help me because I felt so uncomfortable that when I trained I felt a bit more looser in my body, and I felt fitter and able to do more. I think that it helped with giving birth because it's a long process to be in labour."