Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews reveal gender of unborn baby

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Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews are expecting another baby boy.
The couple announced in October the model was pregnant with their third child and they've now revealed their three-year-old son Theodore is particularly delighted to have a brother on the way because he already has a sister in 17-month-old Gigi.
Spencer said: "We're having a little boy!"
Vogue added in an interview with Britain's HELLO! magazine: "My sister asked Theodore if he wants to have a brother or sister and he replied, 'A brother! I don't want a sister, I already have a sister.' So he's delighted."
This year, the family will spend Christmas in Vogue's native Howth, Ireland, and she's excited to be hosting her relatives.
She said: "We're hosting Christmas – we're hoping it will be a full house, provided Covid guidelines don't change at the last minute. There's a lot to do when you’re having a lot of people over. I did the drinks run yesterday – of course none of it's for me – and the turkey is ordered. Spenny's going to cook on the day. It’s going to be lovely."
And next year, Spencer will get to make their festive plans but he's unsure yet whether he will want to join his parents on the Caribbean island of St. Barts or head to their new house in Jersey.
He said: "We're going to take a break from St Barts this year.
"Vogue gets a Christmas, then I get a Christmas, so next year is mine. I'm in charge of Christmas 2022- we'll be in St Barts or Jersey."
When the 36-year-old beauty first announced her pregnancy, she admitted neither of her kids really understood what was happening.
She said: "Gigi doesn't have a clue she's getting a little brother or sister and I don't think Theodore minds. He doesn't really understand yet. If I ever mention the baby, he asks: 'Is it coming now?'"

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