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Walmart's in-home delivery service makes life easier — try it for free thanks to Walmart+ Week

Lugging heavy groceries from the car is so last year. This Walmart+ Week perk is great for seniors and I'm signing up my grandma for it ASAP.

a full grocery bag sitting on a kitchen counter
Hate unpacking your groceries? That's why Walmart InHome exists. (Getty)

There are really only two things you need to know about my grandma: she's from Brooklyn and grew up with six brothers. She's tough, independent, funny and — most of all — stubborn. I love her to no end and she's my favorite person in the world, but she won't ask for or accept any kind of help. As a granddaughter, it's hard — especially when I remember that she's getting older. A few years ago she downsized to a second-story condo with stairs. I don't necessarily worry about her living alone (like I said, she's tough), I just don't love the idea of her lugging packages, groceries and other heavy essentials up those stairs by herself. Even she admits that it's tiring sometimes. Fast forward to this week's Walmart+ Week when I learned about Walmart's magical in-home delivery service.

Available for Walmart+ members, the aptly named Walmart+ InHome is essentially a delivery fairy godmother that will poof your entire shopping haul right to your front door, garage and even inside your refrigerator. My grandma can literally buy back her time and energy — and I can relax knowing that she won't be carrying her groceries up a flight of stairs.

While a Walmart+ InHome membership typically costs $19.95 per month or $138 per year, I have an insider tip for you. Walmart+ Week takes place through June 23 and is chock full of exclusive savings on things like travel, gas and more for Walmart+ members. Oh, and it just so happens that you can get three full months of Walmart+ InHome if you sign up during the event. Wild, right?

Here's the gist: InHome is an add-on to a Walmart+ membership that allows your items to be dropped off inside your doorstep, garage, kitchen fridge, you name it — all done by trusted and trained Walmart associates from your local store. For peace of mind, each delivery associate wears a camera on their vest that records every delivery (you can review the recordings for up to seven days after the delivery). There are no added delivery feeds and tips are included.

Employees can enter your home or garage one of three ways: an entry keypad, smart lock or smart garage door opener. If you don't have a smart device entry system, you'll need to be home for the delivery to let them in, otherwise, the associate will leave your order at your doorstep. Once inside, they'll put your items in your preferred location, like the fridge or garage. You can read more about the security measures here.

First things first, you need to be a Walmart+ member to take advantage of InHome — which gets you so much more than free shipping on every purchase. You can score savings on things like gas, and prescriptions and take advantage of complimentary delivery. Once you're signed up (or if you're already a Walmart+ member), follow the on-page steps to sign up for Walmart+ InHome. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Remember, during Walmart+ Week, which runs from June 17 to June 23, you'll get three months free!

It's so, so easy to become a Walmart+ member — and there's no better time than during Walmart+ Week thanks to those three free months of InHome delivery. Just note that after those three months, your Walmart+ InHome membership will cost $19.95 per month or $138 per year, so, yeah, you're not going to want to miss this. 

$138 at Walmart

I'm so glad that you asked because there's really not much to it. To place an order for InHome delivery, you're first going to want to make sure that your items are eligible for delivery before adding them to your cart. Once you've shopped to your heart's content, head to checkout and choose your preferred time slot, making sure you've selected the InHome option. Then, select your preferred delivery location and smash that checkout button. See? So easy.

Now that that's all settled, it's time for the best part: the actual shopping. While you can use InHome delivery for pretty much every delivery-eligible item at Walmart, I'm psyched that my grandma can stock up on groceries and other heavy household essentials without having to lift a finger. To get you started, I've rounded up some of the heaviest home essentials I could think of. Have fun never having to carry them again!

Sure, laundry detergent may not be so bad to carry on its own — but add it to your shopping haul and you'll regret ever wanting clean clothes. I mean, this 100-load bottle of Tide clocks in at 10 pounds on its own. So, why not get it delivered right to your laundry room? 

$20 at Walmart

My grandma loves, loves, loves to drink water, which is definitely why she looks like she's a lot younger than she is. Her apartment is always stocked with bottled water, like this hefty 12-pack of Pure Life. Instead of struggling to bring it from the car and up the stairs, she can just sit back, relax and catch up on Outlander.

$3 at Walmart

Shopping for toilet paper in bulk is a time-honored tradition — especially after the great TP shortage of 2020. Cottonelle's pack of 24 mega rolls equals a whopping 96 regular rolls, which is, um, a lot of toilet paper. I love my grandma's hugs, but she doesn't need to wrap her arms around this giant pack of never-ending toilet paper. 

$21 at Walmart

Just like with toilet paper, paper towels aren't technically heavy, but they are cumbersome. If you go through paper towels like no one's business, you're going to want to have some spare rolls handy. The pack of 12 double rolls comes out to 24 regular rolls. 

$16 at Walmart

Even after downsizing to her apartment, my grandma still has the most gorgeous garden. Obviously, she needs her favorite potting soil to keep her terrace in constant bloom (especially after those New York winters). I love that she can get this bag of all-purpose potting mix delivered right to her instead of lugging it home from the store. 

$5 at Walmart

Want to save even more? Make sure you’re signed up for Walmart+. It’s easy to sign up for your free 30-day trial here. You’ll get free shipping and grocery delivery, savings on gas and prescriptions, exclusive access to major deals like the upcoming Walmart+ Week, and more. (And by the way, those without Walmart+ still get free shipping on orders of $35 or more.)