I want to simplify my life, says Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is eager to "simply" his life.
The 39-year-old actor was desperate for success earlier in his career, but Chris has become much more philosophical and relaxed about his work in recent years.
He shared: "In order to get into this business, there's a desperation to it. There are a lot of nos, the odds are against you, so you need to be obsessive about it. And then you get to a point of achieving those things and the obsessive nature is still there. That's when it gets a little troublesome. That's when I think you're running past what you've thought was the dream scenario.
"I think I just want to, day by day, simplify again."
Chris has starred in a host of big-budget movies during his career, including 'Thor: Love and Thunder' and 'Men in Black 4'.
But he's now looking for a different kind of challenge in his life.
The Hollywood star - who has India, ten, and eight-year-old twins Sasha and Tristan with Elsa Pataky - told Vanity Fair magazine: "I think it's enjoyable when I'm rested and I'm prepared.
"When I've gone from one to another straight off the back of each one, then it's exhausting and you kind of forget why you're doing it. I'm excited to do things in a more limited sort of - not limited, what's the word? Curated. In a more curated way.
"I felt a sense of guilt when I would say no to a film before. There was a part of me that was like, 'Who do you think you are? You've never had this opportunity and here it is! You're going to let it go and pass you by?'
"Now I'm much more comfortable saying no and much more at ease with it all. I'm very thankful for that. I'm glad I'm not having this conversation 20 years from now and my kids have grown up and left my home."