'War hero' in Russia threatens to shoot civilian over pacifist badge - Video

'War hero' in Ivanovo uses gun
'War hero' in Ivanovo uses gun

Russian war criminals returning home from war against Ukraine continue to terrorize their own citizens, ASTRA Telegram channel reported on April 24.

In a disturbing incident in Ivanovo, Russia, a man heralded as a "war hero" for his service in Ukraine allegedly held a local resident at gunpoint for sporting pink hair and displaying an anti-war badge

The aggressor confronted the pedestrian, demanding, "Do you support Russia? Are you against this... war? Fck you. Do you want to die? Are you against the war? You have this, how it's called... A badge over there, fck? Peace... How it's called? You understood me," his rambling tirade reflecting confusion and anger.

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When his initial intimidation with a pistol failed to impress, the assailant fired a shot into the air to underscore his threat. Yet, even this dramatic gesture did not solidify his stance. He continued to berate the pedestrian, exclaiming, "Take off your shtty haircut and go to the army, you btch. For Russia, you cnt. Go for Russia, you btch. For Ivanovo!"

The 'hero' was detained shortly after the incident.

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However, it is unlikely that Russian security forces will take any action against this “educator”, as such behavior is considered normal in modern Russia.

His victim, on the other hand, may face punishment for “discrediting the army.”

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