Wardrobe malfunction skater in tears after redemption routine

South Korean figure skater Yura Min, who suffered a wardrobe malfunction last week, couldn't hold back the tears after a remarkable result in her latest ice dance.

Min was back on the ice with partner Alexander Gamelin on Monday, taking part in the free dance competition.

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It was a relief for Min to be back competing after she went viral when her costume nearly came undone as she competed in the team event last Sunday.

While making her Olympic debut, Min had a wardrobe malfunction, with a hook at the back of her top popping at the beginning of the routine.

She fought through, keeping the costume up for the entire program despite having thoughts of stopping.

However Min and Gamelin, who are both American citizens competing for the host nation in PyeongChang, earned just 51.97 points and placed ninth out of 10 teams.

Fast-forward to Monday, and Min and Gamelin managed to make the cut for the second round of the free dance competition with a score of 61.22, just shy of their personal best.

Min bawled her eyes out when she saw the short dance numbers from the judges.

"All we could ask for was to put out our best performance, and we did," she said.

"It's the most amazing feeling."

Wonderful scenes. Image: Getty

Meanwhile, Canadian ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir set a new short program world record, improving on the mark they set last October.

The new record stands at 83.67, the previous one being 82.68.

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