WATCH: 'Priest ghost' caught on camera

Kristine Tarbert

A couple have captured footage of a ‘hooded shadowy figure’ that they believe is the ghost of a priest haunting the museum where his mummy is kept.

The footage shows the pair, part of a group of four, calling out to the ghost in the dark.

They have various devices set up around the room to pick up any ‘spiritual disturbances’.

The couple call out to any spirits present. Photo: Caters

It’s clear there is some activity going on in the room as almost all their devices can be heard beeping, despite no one standing next to them.

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But the real shock comes when the camera pans across the room and captures a shadowy figure crossing in front of the group.

The team's devices pick up activity before they spot a figure. Photo: Caters

Clearly shocked the person holding the camera shouts “Oh my god!”.

Definitely spooky!

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