Terrifying ‘alien like’ sea creature dredged up from the deep

Aletha Wilkinson

Scientists have caught what is possibly the freakiest sea creature we've ever seen - basically something straight out of a Hollywood movie.

The extremely rare 'viper shark' was found off the coast of Taiwan and its extendable jaw, that could probably eat your face off, is giving us major 'Alien' vibes.

Taiwan’s Fisheries Research Institute picked up five of the creatures near Donghe. It can apparently swallow other, large fish whole by sticking its jaw out. Yikes.

This terrifying sea creature is called a 'viper shark'. Photo: Penn News
Remember the aliens from the movie 'Alien', yeah we're having flashbacks. Photo: Penn News

But while you might think that Taiwan is really far away and we don't have to worry about those things nibbling at our feet, think again.

Because Australia's waters are arguably the scariest.

Remember those flesh eating sea lice that did this to a Melbourne man's feet last year?

Experts believe it was sea lice that did this. Source: Seven News

Then there are all these creatures found by a Museums Victoria team in the deep ocean off the coast of Australia.

Even though they may seem like the stuff of horror movies, they're all real sea creatures.

Meet the faceless fish.

Oh ok, cool. So this one has no face. *shudder* Source: Maggie Georgieva/Museums Victoria/CSIRO

Or say hello to the zombie worm!

Have a nice time getting to sleep tonight. Source: Maggie Georgieva/Museums Victoria/CSIRO

The cookie-cutter shark.

Introducing the cookie-cutter shark. Look into his eyes... Source: Maggie Georgieva/Museums Victoria/CSIRO

How about we introduce you to the red coffinfish?

Happy little guy, isn't he. Source: Maggie Georgieva/Museums Victoria/CSIRO

Thinking out of the box here but imagine waking up to one of these staring at you.

The spiny crab. What a charmer. Source: Maggie Georgieva/Museums Victoria/CSIRO

Oh, and that cookie-cutter shark we met earlier? Here are its teeth.

Please to eat– I mean MEET you. Source: Maggie Georgieva/Museums Victoria/CSIRO

Sleep well, everyone!

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