Watch: Carjacker abandons three-year-old child on roadside after allegedly stealing car from mother

This is the moment an alleged carjacker abandons a three-year-old girl on the side of a road after stealing her mother’s car.

Footage shows suspect Willio Petioma, 35, leaving the child on the side of the road in Florida, before driving off, just before 8.30am on 26 June.

Preliminary investigations by Broward Sheriff’s Office revealed the mother and her daughter were involved in a car accident with another vehicle.

While the mother exchanged details with the other driver, Mr Petioma allegedly entered the vehicle and began to drive away with her child inside.

Police said that the mother tried to grab the passenger door, yelling that her child was inside the car, but was dragged and then fell as the suspect drove away.

Mr Petioma now faces several charges including kidnapping, carjacking, interfering with custody of a minor and illegal use of a credit card.