Watch live: Britons cast their votes in the 2024 UK general election

Residents in the UK will today be heading out to polling stations to cast their vote deciding who the next government will be.

Rishi Sunak, Keir Starmer, Nigel Farage, and Ed Davey have all been representing the key political parties over the last few weeks, campaigning to win over voters.

Voters will be able to access their local polling stations between 7am and 10pm (BST) today, and must have ID to get their ballot paper.

Anyone who is not able to make it (whether through work commitments or illness) has until 5pm (BST) to apply for an emergency proxy vote, meaning they can still have their say.

The Conservatives have been at the forefront of government since 2010, and the likes of David Cameron, Liz Truss, Theresa May, and Boris Johnson have all lead the party in that time, before passing the reigns to Rishi Sunak in 2022.