Watch: Keir Starmer launches Labour Party’s general election manifesto

Watch as Sir Keir Starmer launched the Labour Party's general election manifesto on Thursday, 13 June.

The party has said it will put “wealth creation” at the heart of its promises, with Sir Keir proclaiming economic growth as his their “core business”.

Thursday’s launch came after polling showed Sir Keir came out on top in the latest election broadcast event opposite Rishi Sunak - The Battle For No 10 leaders debate on Sky News on Wednesday night.

YouGov figures said around 64 per cent of 1,864 respondents said Sir Keir was the better performer, compared to 36 per cent who said Mr Sunak.

Both Sir Keir and Mr Sunak faced jeers and tough questions from audience members; the PM was booed after claiming the junior doctors’ strike had an impact on NHS waiting lists, while Sir Keir was branded a “political robot”.

Sir Keir has insisted his manifesto will not include any "tax surprises" for the public.

Mr Sunak has repeatedly claimed that Labour will increase taxes for the average household by more than £2,000 a year, but he has been accused of “misleading” the public.

The £2,094 figure was originally raised in the first televised clash of the general election campaign, when Mr Sunak repeatedly pointed to analysis by Treasury civil servants he said showed a £38.5bn black hole in Sir Keir’s spending plans.

Treasury permanent secretary James Bowler told MPs the Treasury should not be cited as the author of the costing analysis.