Watch again: SpaceX launches another 23 Starlink satellites into orbit

Watch live as SpaceX launches another 23 Starlink satellites into orbit on Sunday (19 November).

Today’s launch follows on from SpaceX’s launch of its Starship aircraft, the world’s most powerful rocket, on Saturday.

The two-stage rocketship blasted off from the Elon Musk-owned company’s Starbase launch site near Boca Chica in Texas on Saturday, helping boost the spacecraft as high as 148km (90 miles) above ground on a planned 90-minute test mission to space and back.

The rocket’s Super Heavy first stage booster, though it achieved a crucial manoeuvre to separate with its core Starship stage, exploded over the Gulf of Mexico shortly after detaching. Meanwhile, the core Starship stage boosted further toward space, but a few minutes later mission control lost contact with the vehicle.

Eventually, SpaceX hopes that Starship will fly to the Moon and help with missions to Mars. But first it must undergo a series of uncrewed tests to ensure it is safe.