WATCH: Tens of thousands march in London in support of Palestinian people

Hundreds of thousands of people marched peacefully through central London on Saturday to express their support for Palestinians, even as right-wing counter-protesters clashed with police, after a week of angry debate over whether to permit the demonstration on a day when Britain honoured its war dead.

A man was seen being detained by police and put into a police van as police hemmed in right-wing protesters in the Westminster area of the capital.

Earlier, scuffles had erupted near the Cenotaph in central London between police and the demonstrators as an Armistice Day ceremony was taking place.

The demonstrators had turned out in force to counter a mass rally in support of the Palestinian people amid the latest war between Israel and Hamas.

More than 2,000 officers, some called in from surrounding forces, were expected to be on the streets of the capital over the weekend to make sure marchers obey the law and to prevent potential confrontations with counter-protesters, the Metropolitan Police Service said.

Organisers of the pro-Palestinian march say they had taken steps to ensure it didn't conflict with Armistice Day events.