Watching This Is Us Tonight? Grab a Box of Tissues for a Workout Inspired by the Show

Julie Mazziotta

As long as you have your tissues ready for the This Is Us finale on Tuesday, use the box for some exercise moves during commercial breaks.

Trainer Chelsea Potter put together a six-move workout — using a box of tissues — for Reebok, shared exclusively with PEOPLE, to get your muscles burning along with your tear ducts.

Potter says that you can use all kinds of objects to amp up your workouts, even something as light as a tissue box.

“You don’t always need gym equipment in order to execute a successful workout,” she says. “Using objects you can readily find at home can act as a substitute for weights or as a touch point to make sure your form is correct and you’ve completed the each workout move properly.”

Potter recommends doing these six moves — v-ups, ski jump overs, Russian twists, plyo squat twists, mountain climbers and thrusters — for 30 seconds each, with 10 seconds rest. Repeat the entire set five times.

Tissue Box V-Ups

Tissue Box V-Ups

Lying on your back, hold the tissue box in your hands and reach them up, along with your legs, in a v-shape. Pass the tissue box to your feet, and then back to your hands.

“You want to get your body up to the point where you can reach the tissue box from your feet, grab it with your arms and repeat,” Potter says.

Ski Jump Over the Box

Ski Jump Over the Box

Stand with the tissue box next to your feet on the floor. With your feet together, jump sideways over one side of the box, then back to the other.

Russian Twists with the Box

Sitting on the floor, hold your body in a v-shape with your legs bent at the knees. Using the tissue box, twist your torso side to side, touching the box to the floor with each twist.

Plyo Squat Twist Jumps Over the Box

Plyo Squat Jump Twists Over the Box

Stand with the tissue box on the floor. Squat down, keeping your back straight and your butt back, and touch the box. Then jump up straight and twist 180 degrees to face behind you. Continuing repeating the movement.

Tissue Box Mountain Climbers

Tissue Box Mountain Climbers

Get into a plank position with your arms straight under your shoulders, with the tissue box under your head. Bring your right leg up under you while picking up the tissue box with the left arm, then repeat with the opposite arms and legs.

Tissue Box Thrusters

Tissue Box Thrusters

Stand holding the tissue box at chest level. Squat down keeping your back straight and butt back, then explode up and reach the tissue box over your head. Repeat.

Potter says this workout is a great way to get moving while sitting on the couch.

“Keeping workouts fun and creative at home allows you to live a healthy lifestyle anytime, anywhere — you can even get your exercise in while you’re binge watching your favorite show like This Is Us!” she says.