Wedding guest fires back after sparking debate with low-cut dress

The woman chose a revealing dress to wear to her brother's wedding

Weddings have a knack for igniting heated debates, whether it's outrageous bridezilla moments, controversial no-kids policies, or the often lamented dress code infringements. Recently a woman's outfit choice for her brother's nuptials set tongues wagging online, with many suggesting it was simply too revealing for a wedding.

Content creator Logan Rae Hill threw the internet into a frenzy when she showcased her fashion-forward outfit on TikTok, a platform where she boasts a whopping 929.1k followers.

TikToker Logan Rae Hill wedding guest outfit
TikToker Logan Rae Hill has divided opinions over the dress she wore to her brother's wedding. Photo: TikTok/@loganraehill

In the footage, Logan revealed the gown she planned to wear to her brother's wedding, a dress that dared to defy conservative wedding guest convention. The coral coloured dress featured a daring leg slit, a cinching buckled waist belt, and ruffles that cascaded the full length of the gown.

A self-assured Logan told her followers, "This is the finished look for my brother's wedding."

With her hair styled impeccably and exquisite drop earrings, Logan navigated her dress's flamboyant shoulder embellishments with poise.

"I have these earrings from my sister, hair's looking good, there's a lot going on the shoulders so I had to wear it up," she said.


When the topic shifted to the audacious dress choice, Logan enthusiastically exclaimed, "I love it! I'm gonna wear these heels and pray that I can last in them!"

She gave her attire a final appraisal, exclaiming, "All right! I'm ready to go! Let's go to this wedding!"

Internet divided over plunging gown

In the realm of social media metrics, Logan's brief outfit check garnered nearly 960k views and ignited a storm of comments from both sides of the spectrum. The internet was sharply divided, with some vehemently critiquing the dress's perceived wedding "appropriateness".

"Love it but too low cut for a wedding," one TikTok user commented, a sentiment echoed by another who noted, "Nice but not a fan of the low cut for a family wedding/pictures etc."

Woman wearing a pink low-cut dress for a wedding
Debate raged over whether the cut of the dress was appropriate for a family wedding. Photo: TikTok/@loganraehill

In the face of criticism, Logan stood her ground, declaring, "No one cared." Even as one comment suggested the dress might draw attention away from the bride, she maintained her stance, responding to any and all suggestions that the dress was too revealing with a succinct, "no one cared."

Support also flowed in from those who saw nothing but the charm in Logan's bold choice. One TikTok user remarked, "why’s everyone acting like we’re living in the 1800s?? You look stunning, these people are just bored!!!!"

Another chimed in, puzzled by the outrage, stating, "I don’t get why everyone is so pressed about the low cut? It’s your brother, so I’m sure you know what’s appropriate and you look insanely stunning - I LOVE!!"

In the midst of the online debate, a spirited Logan had this to say to the critics: "If you have something negative to comment about my dress, don’t bother, I don’t care. I loved it and felt confident!"

Having a larger chest is a 'blessing and a curse'

In a follow-up video, Logan said that when it comes to fashion "having a larger chest is such a pain in the butt".

"It's a blessing and a curse because if you wear something low cut or revealing oh my god you look too sexy, you're just asking for attention, but if someone with a smaller chest wears that it's totally appropriate, classy, beautiful."

She went on to say that it's so easy to be "oversexualised" if you have a larger chest and when she was younger she used to wear two sports bras to try and push her chest down.

"Bikinis are not made for women who naturally have a larger chest, they're great if you have a boob job and they fall perfectly but when you have naturally larger chest they tend to fall this way," she said, pointing across her body and downwards.

While she said she's not complaining, Logan just wanted to bring the issues to people's attention.

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