Wednesday's Morning Email: What You Need To Know About The New Harvey Weinstein Rape Allegations


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THE WEINSTEIN ALLEGATIONS NOW INCLUDE RAPE The New Yorker published the stories Tuesday of 13 women who allege harassment, sexual assault and rape at the hands of Harvey Weinstein. NBC originally passed up an opportunity to air the report, which was authored by Ronan Farrow. You can hear the movie mogul on audio admitting to groping a model. Heather Graham, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow also opened up about their own experiences being harassed by Weinstein Tuesday. Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman announced she was leaving Weinstein, her husband of nearly a decade. And Hillary Clinton and the Obamas finally spoke out about the accusations. [HuffPost] [Tweet | Share on Facebook] 7 NUMBERS THAT PUT THE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES IN PERSPECTIVE At least 15 people have been killed. And California evacuees just want to go home ― if they still have one. “Everything that we have is charcoal.” [HuffPost] TRUMP ASKED CONGRESS FOR A $4.9 BILLION LOAN FOR PUERTO RICO To help the cash-strapped government pay its bills. [Reuters] U.S. NAVY BLAMES 2 OFFICERS IN USS MCCAIN CRASH WITH MERCHANT SHIP That killed 10 sailors. [Reuters] MEET THE BERNIE SANDERS SUPPORTER TRYING TO TURN NEBRASKA PURPLE “The downtown Lincoln office is flair’d-out like some kind of political TGI Fridays, its walls festooned with an ennobling collection of campaign posters, portraits of notable bygone Democrats and other political ephemera.” [HuffPost] TEAM USA MISSES THE WORLD CUP The men’s team will miss it for the first time since 1986. [HuffPost]


BEN AFFLECK SAYS HE’S SICKENED BY THE WEINSTEIN ALLEGATIONS He worked with the producer on “Good Will Hunting.” His pal Matt Damon also denied killing at 2004 report on Weinstein’s behavior. Rose McGowan called out Affleck on Twitter, insinuating that he knew about how Weinstein treated women. [HuffPost] JAMIE LEE CURTIS: ‘ASKING FOR IT’ “I, too, have been subjected to my own private, personal versions of sexual harassment on the job. Did I ask for it? No. What I simply asked for was a job, and what came with it was sexual harassment.” [HuffPost] MEET THIS YEAR’S MACARTHUR GENIUS GRANT RECIPIENTS “From a reporter who’s dedicated her career to documenting segregation in America’s education system, to one of the first computer scientists to hack an automobile, to an artist who doubles as a counter-surveillance researcher, this year’s roster of MacArthur fellows celebrates yet another year of exceptional human achievement.”[HuffPost] MARK ZUCKERBERG AND PRISCILLA CHAN ARE TRYING TO FUND THE END OF BAIL They’re throwing their money behind a startup nonprofit that’s hoping to take down a bail system. [HuffPost] MENSA HAS OFFERED TO GIVE TRUMP AND REX TILLERSON AN IQ TEST After the president said he’d give the secretary of state a run for his money on one. [HuffPost] WILD SAND KITTENS ARE A THING And boy, are they cute. [HuffPost] BEFORE YOU GO

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell: “Everyone should stand.” The Supreme Court has thrown out a travel ban ruling. Why people donate to the NRA after a mass shooting. Japan’s Nikkei has closed at a two-decade high. North Korean hackers stole U.S.-South Korean war plans. People are being killed in Malawi over vampire suspicions.  “How Israel caught Russian hackers scouring the world for U.S. secrets.” Why the soda tax failed in Chicago. Eminem called out Trump in a freestyle rap, and LeBron James can’t get enough. Terry Crews recounted his own sexual assault by a “Hollywood honcho.” Lindsay Lohan chimed in to defend Harvey Weinstein. Jimmy Fallon keeps losing viewers in the late-night war. We had the first glimpse of Kate Middleton’s baby bump. Carrie Fisher’s dog watching the new “Star Wars” trailer will destroy you. “The perils of a for-profit Fourth Estate.” We’re not crying, you’re crying over this video of an 11-year-old getting adopted. Pro tip: Don’t Google “how to rob a bank” before robbing a bank.

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