Woman who feared not fitting in restaurant chairs loses 63kg

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A woman who weighed almost 190kg and refused to eat out at restaurants without researching the size of the chairs beforehand looks unrecognisable after shedding more than 63kg.

Freya Symons, 29, from Hampshire in the UK, decided to ditch her unhealthy lifestyle last April after being left terrified to go out to eat in case she wouldn’t fit in the chairs.

Woman before weight loss
Freya Symons, who weighed almost 190kg at her heaviest has lost an incredible amount of weight. Photo: Caters News

“The chair fear was due to experiences of not being able to fit in chairs while I was on a cruise,” she said.

“I was left in tears as I was so embarrassed.”

Freya said during her 20s, she started to gain weight at rapid speed and was always known as the ‘big one’ in her friendship group.

Freya Symons after her weight loss
Freya Symons has lost more than 63kg. Photo: Caters News

"I went through three miscarriages too and I comfort ate during those hard times,” she said.

"I would wake up every morning and while looking in the mirror I would tell myself I looked disgusting.

"It was such a vicious cycle as I felt depressed so I ate more to compensate but then I ended up feeling even worse.”


Freya said that she would easily consume thousands of calories per day and would snack on sweets and chocolate throughout the day.

"My major downfall was my portion sizes, I wasn't having takeaways every day or anything like that but I would have twice as much pasta then everyone else,” she said.

After years of trying fad diets, in April she decided to splash out $18,000 for a gastric sleeve to remove around 80 percent of her stomach, which she calls the best decision she’s ever made.

"Surgery is no way the easy route to lose weight but I felt like it was my only option after exhausting so many diets over the years,” she said.

Woman after weight loss in jeans and a top
She's gone from a size 32 or 34 at her biggest to 16 or 18 now. Photo: Caters News

After changing her diet and now exercising four times per week, Freya looks unrecognisable.

“I have swapped the sugary snacks for fruit and protein based products,” she said.

“I’ve gone from a size 32 or 34 at my biggest to 16 or 18 now.

"A lot of people have said I look unrecognisable but I also feel like a new person too.”

Before diet

Breakfast: Large bowl of sugary cereal

Lunch: Chicken, bacon and stuffing meal deal with crisps and fizzy drink

Dinner: Large portion of spaghetti bolognese with garlic bread

Snacks: Sharer bag of chocolate / sweets / fizzy drinks

After diet

Breakfast: Breakfast bar with fruit

Lunch: Two chicken legs with salad

Dinner: Chicken with vegetables

Snacks: Fruit / low calorie crisps or chocolate bar

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