Westminster Accounts: Campaign Finance Tracker

The live tracker will show you who's raising the most money, who the spenders are and who they are giving their money to.

These charts will automatically update whenever the Electoral Commission publishes new data on donations made to political parties during the election period.

During the general election period, parties are required to do weekly reports on the donations they have received.

This chart shows the value of donations all parties have received in each pre-polling week. The dates correspond to the beginning of the pre-polling week:

This table shows who is donating to the parties.

Click the arrow next to 'Value' to sort the donations by ascending or descending order:

This table shows the latest available data of new donations reported to the Electoral Commission. The "Last Updated" date at the top of the table indicates when we last checked for new data:

Note: The threshold for political parties reporting donations to the Commission increased in January 2024. Following a change in law by the UK Government, parties are required to report donations over £11,180 (previously £7,500).