What do guys think of Tinder?

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Turns out, Tinder is for more than finding a date. Photo: Getty

Forget about swiping right for a quick hookup - if you are resourceful, you can use Tinder to get more than just a date.

As a dating and relationships blogger, guy friends tell me about cat fishing, dick pics, unsolicited propositions and other dating horror stories, but Tinder is so much more than a dating app. Thanks to a few single friends, here’s a wrap up of how people are using the dating app to find a handyman, gain an Instagram following and join threesomes.

Three is NOT a Crowd

Sadly finding your friend’s husband/wife on Tinder is a pretty common thing. But don’t be surprised if you find them in a profile together. It’s becoming a common thing for couples to use Tinder to find a third party for their threesomes. You can flick through profiles of people in compromising positions and think it’s a porn promo but they are actual people looking for a noncommittal hook up with a third person.

Most of the time, the profiles are real. There’s someone for every one or, in this case, every couple: “These couples are serious. If there’s a match, the couple will email you with a brief bio…age, background and what they’re looking for in a sexual partner. I met Rob* and Valerie* through Tinder. They sounded like a normal, young professional couple but when they opened their door, it was a B-list celebrity and his long-term high school sweetheart. It was more than I expected”, says Matt, 32.

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Swipe right for a handyman

These days, there’s an app for everything and yet people are heading to Tinder to outsource other aspects of their life. My friend Michael comes across profiles of women posting ads that look like they should belong on Gumtree. These women tell it to you straight, they’re not looking for a date, just someone who is within a reasonable distance to assemble heavy furniture, fix their plumbing (no pun intended), or to help them move.

They are paid gigs: “I’m a plumber by day and answered one of these ads. She was hot and I tried to ask her out but she was adamant about keeping our relations professional…ironic considering she found me on Tinder. Her husband came home shortly after that so I know she wasn’t looking for an excuse to hook up. She just wanted a job done”, Michael, 27.
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It's a good way to boost your social media following

If you want to grow an Instagram account Tinder may be a good shortcut to gain a following. There have been many instances where my guy friends will engage in a conversation with a girl only to find she’s only trying to grow her Instagram account. Many people are on Tinder to promote their own beliefs/blogs/business.

So how do you if someone is more concerned about building a following than finding a date? Their profile will tell you so and it will sound like this: “Just looking to meet new people. Follow my Instagram account to get to know me”. These girls are easy to spot. They match with anyone they come across and if there’s a match, they’ll send a quick note with their Instagram details. You can try to start a conversation but they respond with a one liner that’s been copy and pasted, saying that the best way to get in touch with them is through Instagram: “For these women, it’s free and effective advertising, especially if you’re looking for a male audience”, Chris, 29.

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Tinder is still mostly known as an app for quick hookups but its functionality and audience has a mass appeal for people looking for a bit more. So if you’re looking for more than just a date, how can you spot the ones with serious intentions? Read the Profile. It’s only 1-2 sentences (at most) but if they’re looking for more than a one night stand, most will include it in their profile. Pay attention to the photos they post, they will show you what kind of person they are, what they value most and if you’re observant, how they spend their free time.

Just like dating in real life, the app can be a real hit or miss. The key to finding the good ‘eggs’ is to filter out the people with a personal agenda.

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