Whigfield's baby died days after birth

Whigfield's daughter tragically died three days after she was born.
The 'Saturday Night' singer ruled out having any more children following the sad loss of her daughter, who she delivered prematurely, 22 years ago, and doesn't regret her decision.
She said: "I had a daughter in 2000 but unfortunately, I gave birth in the seventh month, and she didn't survive – she survived only three days.
"So, after that I just didn't feel like having children. I'm 52 so having children is a bit hard. No, I wouldn't adopt or have IVF – I just started having animals after that.
"I started having dogs and today I'm happy I don't have kids because I see my niece and she's so much work."
The 52-year-old star is engaged to her partner Finn but she admitted getting married isn't a priority for them.
She told MailOnline: "I live with my partner, Finn. He's a producer and we work together, and he's a music publisher.
"I've known him for many, many years – he has produced famous Italian music. He was a producer on a big star in Italy.
"He proposed to me at Christmas, but it's not a priority to get married because we're fine together, and I don't have time to get married.
"I'm always very busy and to do that you have to take some time. I'd rather write music and tour and things."
Whigfield - whose real name is Sannie Charlotte Carlson - gave up alcohol seven years ago because it started to feel "wrong" for her body.
She said: "I have given up the drinking because drinking was basically part of tour life, because of boredom and because there was so much waiting around.
"I wasn't the sort of person who would wake up and drink, don't get me wrong, but it was just like a social thing and to do with my work. Backstage there was booze everywhere. It was just like, it just became part of my life, and one day I just went, 'Ugh' – I'd had enough of it because waking up feeling like s*** isn't good.
"I just could feel in my body and brain that the whole thing was wrong. It was just, you know when something takes over."