White House entrance vandalised with blood-red handprints in Palestine protest

White House entrance vandalised with blood-red handprints in Palestine protest

Pro-Palestinian protesters smeared the gates of the White House with blood-like red paint on Sunday.

One protester was seen attempting to climb up the White House's wrought-iron gates, while demonstrators also reportedly covered the nearby General Marquis de Lafayette Statue in nearby Lafayette Park with graffiti.

“Demonstrators are beginning to disperse from the area and the attempted gate trespass from earlier was handled without incident by Secret Service Uniformed Division officers and support teams,” Anthony Guglielmi, chief of communications for the Secret Service.

"As of now, no arrests have been made by Secret Service personnel."

Demonstrators chanted, “Free, free Palestine” and “Ceasefire now!"

The protest ended around 8pm, which was called in response to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

Washington D.C.’s Metropolitan Police said one arrest was for a man on destruction of property charges away from the White House.

Police said the man spray-painted graffiti on a McDonald’s and broke one of the restaurant’s windows.

It comes as US Secretary of State Antony Blinken wrapped up a gruelling Middle East diplomatic tour in a bid to build support for “humanitarian pauses” in Gaza.

Speaking before leaving Turkey, Mr Blinken said: “All of this is a work in progress," Mr Blinken said before leaving Turkey.

“We don't obviously agree on everything, but there are common views on some of the imperatives of the moment that we're working on together."

Mr Blinken's shuttle diplomacy came as Israeli troops surrounded Gaza City and cut off the northern part of the besieged Hamas-ruled territory.

Troops are expected to enter the city Monday or Tuesday and are likely to face militants fighting street by street using a vast network of tunnels.

Casualties will likely rise on both sides in the month-old war, which has already killed more than 10,000 Palestinians according to the Hamas-run health ministry.