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Who knew you could buy tiny homes on Amazon?

Tiny Home
Just imagine a private retreat, a guest cabin to wow visitors or a diminutive domicile for a failed-to-launch Gen Z offspring ... There's a tiny home with your name on it. (Amazon)

If you've ever purchased a home you know it's a little more involved than swiping a credit card or hitting "add to cart." Not so with tiny homes. In fact, it's just the opposite. Amazon makes it possible to buy a home online with the click of a button and have it shipped to you, ready to go. These cute little structures make the perfect home office, guest bedroom or creative retreat right in your own backyard!

It goes without saying that folks are enchanted by the concept — just take a look at all the reality shows dedicated to the phenomenon. Now, you can make it your own reality with these dreamy, pint-sized options that are back in stock at Amazon for 2024.

This tiny home has a distinctly zen vibe. You can use it as a mini yoga studio or for the usual stuff, such as an office space. Those cool front doors roll out barn-door style to open up the place.

$2,652 at Amazon

At its peak, this tiny home is 10 feet high, so anyone can comfortably fit inside. All the wood is pre-cut and ready to assemble, and you can even customize it with shingles and your favorite paint color.

$2,955 at Amazon

This wooden mini-home has extra-large double doors that can be placed either on the side or out in front.

$1,500 at Amazon