'The whole idea, I always thought, 'That's impossible': Diego Luna didn't think Andor would be released

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Diego Luna didn't think 'Andor' would "see the light of day".
The 43-year-old actor portrays the titular role of rebel spy Cassian Andor in the limited Disney+ series, and he admits the show seemed "too perfect" to be real and always had an inkling something would go wrong and it wouldn't get released.
He told The Hollywood Reporter: “I always had a feeling that this wasn’t gonna see the light [of day] till it did. I kept going, ‘This is too perfect. This is working.'
“The whole idea, I always thought, ‘That’s impossible.’”
He went on: “Throughout the whole process, we did exactly what we thought was best. We never prioritised anything but the show. The writing took the time it needed to take, and we got the best cast you can have. So everything just kept getting better and better, and I always had the feeling that something had to go wrong. But it didn’t.”
The show is a prequel to the 'Star Wars' spin-off 'Rogue One' (2016), in which Diego made his debut as Andor, and the original 'Star Wars' film (1977), and the 'Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights' star admits he's so "fortunate" to work on a show with talented people.
He added: “You keep hearing in this industry that this is impossible and that this doesn’t happen. I grew up thinking that the cinema and the art I love was not popular, but this is a show I love.
“This is a show I would recommend as the audience, not just as the actor or a producer.
“It wasn’t just the opening. Many times throughout the whole process, I found myself being impressed and surprised that this was happening. And I felt proud of it. Even today, I feel not just lucky, but fortunate to be a part of something like this and to be working with people I believe in.”