Whoopi Goldberg returns to The View after COVID-19 battle

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Whoopi Goldberg quipped that COVID-19 is like a "fart in a dust storm" as she returned to 'The View' after contracting the virus.
The 66-year-old actress recently tested positive for coronavirus despite having had a booster jab.
And upon returning to the talk show on Monday (10.01.22), the 'Sister Act' star - who had mild symptoms - commented on the vast spread of the virus and admitted she felt like she "opened the window and got COVID".
She began: "If you find yourself coming down with COVID or having to isolate because you’ve been around somebody with it, then you got to spend some time figuring out, 'How am I going to not become cranky or get really crabby or nasty to people?'
"You got to watch television, redesign stuff, because it feels like it’s everywhere ... I feel like I opened the window and got COVID, because it was just blowing by on the waves in the wind."
Whoopi - who was joined on the show by Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines and Ana Navarro - urged viewers to be "vigilant" and "protect" everyone because the virus is "everywhere".
She continued: "It’s going to continue to change, because, you know, the CDC is learning and they’re trying to keep us on top of what they’re learning, and this is fluid.
"I don’t know what more they can do to get people to understand what this is right now, we’re in the midst of a pandemic, we don’t know where it is, it’s everywhere."
She joked: "It’s like a fart in a dust storm, you turn around and there it is, you just don't know ... it goes to show you, you have to be vigilant you have to protect yourself, protect your family, and protect the people around you."
Whoopi had entered isolation after learning that she'd been exposed to someone who tested positive for the virus, but Whoopi was still left in a state of shock when her test results came through.
During a remote appearance on 'The View' last week, she shared: "It was a shock because you know, I'm triple vaxxed, haven't been anywhere, haven't done anything, but that's the thing about the Omicron. You just don't know where it is. You don't know where it is, who's got it, who's passing it.
"So you know, it's one of those things where you think 'I've done everything I was supposed to do.'"

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