Whoopi Goldberg was routing for Fergie

Whoopi Goldberg has praised Sarah Ferguson as a "great" person who has raised two "fun" daughters.

Like millions of others, the 'Ghost' actress was watching on TV as Fergie's daughter Princess Eugenie tied the knot with her long-term partner Jack Brooksbank at George's Chapel in Windsor Castle on Friday (12.10.18).

Whoopi, 62, was rooting for Fergie - who is also mother to Princess Beatrice - because she took a lot of "c**p" for being a larger-than-life character both before and after she was married to Prince Andrew, who is Queen Elizabeth's son.

Appearing on 'Loose Women', the American star said: "We don't really have those traditions with royalty and things like that, but for us across the way, there's something kind of great about it and with all the c**p that Fergie and her girls took for a long time. I'm somebody who's interested in what's going on in the world and it made me sad because she was like, 'Hey lets party!' And particularly it happens with women all the time. Whenever women are not sedate people get freaked out when they're like, 'Hey come on man let's have a good time!' Whatever worked with her and her husband they raised two really fun girls. There's a lot of people I could do without but she's not one of them, I like her but I don't have to live with her if you know what I mean. Other people have different feelings and that's how they think about me, they're like, 'Oh she's very nice.' "

Whoopi - who is performing two stand up comedy shows in the UK this weekend (14.10.18) - doesn't really believe in "marriage" but loves a royal wedding because you can see the event unfold and watch the happy couple share their special moment in a "carriage".

She added: "I'm not a big believer in weddings and marriages but there's something wonderful about seeing a couple who are in love and they're in a carriage. They're there and they're looking at each other and there's something kind of wonderful about that and the tradition."

The 'Sister Act' star confessed that although she has been a wife three times she isn't "cut out" for married life and is a fan of "hit and run" relationships with no commitment.

Whoopi said: "I'm not cut out for it. But you know - how people treat you, and I figure I am in my 60s and I know how people treated people that weren't married or didn't fit in that thing, you were treated poorly. I think more people have discovered it's not for them. You have to want to be with someone, if you want to have them in your life you want to be able to say 'Where were you. I'm just curious?' I don't want anyone else asking. Hit and run that's what I like. You can't spend the night at mine. You have to go!"