Why These Photos of Keanu Reeves Posing with Women Are Going Viral

Kimberly Truong
Why These Photos of Keanu Reeves Posing with Women Are Going Viral

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Seemingly overnight, Keanu Reeves has emerged as the internet's favorite boyfriend, and a recent set of viral photos is only fueling the flame.

Last week, one Twitter user noticed that the actor has a pattern when it comes to taking photos with women, be it his co-stars or fans: keeping his hands off them. The user tweeted a series of photos, writing, "Keanu ain't taking no chances."

The tweet quickly viral (with over 391,000 likes at the time of writing), as people chimed in to praise him for being respectful.

With the latest John Wick movie out in theaters along with Toy Story 4 and his incomparable cameo in Always Be My Maybe, we're in the midst of a Keanu Reeves Renaissance era — or, if you will, a Keanu-ssance. Add that to a viral story about him going out of his way to sign an autograph for a teen who was too shy to ask, and you have a certifiable internet boyfriend.

Asked about the internet's thirst over him, the actor remained humble.

"It's been really nice and special for me. Just how well the John Wick film was received and then also recently with Always Be My Maybe and then being connected with CD Projekt Red," he told ET at the Toy Story 4 premiere. "I've just had the chance to be working with really cool people and be a part of really cool projects. And so to be here with Toy Story 4 is a lot of fun."

"It's nice when it's nice," he added.

He had a similar sentiment when asked about being given internet boyfriend status, asking People, “I’ve been what?”

“That’s, uh, that’s wacky,” he said. “Well, the positivity’s great.”

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Spoken like a truly humble, respectful man.