Why was Sharon Osbourne baffled by Ozzy's infidelity?

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Sharon Osbourne can't understand why her husband Ozzy used to cheat on her with unattractive women.
The couple's marriage was rocked in 2016 when the 'Paranoid' rocker confessed to having had an affair with his hairdresser but in the decades before then, she was well aware he was sleeping with "dirty old groupies" and was confused as to whether he felt he was helping out the women by having sex with them.
She said: “Back in the touring early days it was ten people a night, all dirty old groupies. It was nothing to me. As he got older he knew their names, where they lived, all that.”
Discussing how they weren't very attractive, she added: “At one point I thought, ‘Is he doing it to make them feel good?’ The Salvation Army of old groupies.”
The 69-year-old presenter tried to take her own life after Ozzy's 2016 infidelity because she was "tired" of the "drama", but a stint in a "semi nut house" helped.
She told the Sunday Times magazine: “I was tired. I couldn’t take the drama of everything in my life. Everything was too much.
“I stayed [at the clinic] and got myself together, and you start off again, don’t you?”
The 'Talk' star insisted she wasn't weak for returning to her husband, with whom she has three children.
She said: "No, I’m not. I love him. I can leave if I want, take half of everything and go. I don’t want to.”
Ozzy, 73, still begs for Sharon's forgiveness and is "very romantic".
She said: “Before his accident he used to bring me breakfast on a tray in bed. And he’d go into the garden and get a flower and write little notes for me. I’ve got them all framed.”
The former 'X Factor' star - who will celebrate her 40th wedding anniversary this summer - admitted she has to care for Ozzy "a lot" because of his struggles with Parkinson's disease and the after-effects of surgery following a bad fall in 2019.
She said: “It’s very difficult, because the combination of the Parkinson’s and his accident, you go, well, which one is this? Why’s this happening? Why’s that happening?”
And the couple no longer have sex.
She said: "Oh, Ozzy was like a rabbit. He was the only guy that I ever really enjoyed sex with because he’d laugh and be silly.”
Asked if they still have sex, she added: “No, no, not now. But I just adore him. I just couldn’t think of my life without him. We kiss each other all the time and cuddle.”