Wilco star Jeff Tweedy battling osteoarthritis

Wilco star Jeff Tweedy is suffering from osteoarthritis.
The 56-year-old musician has revealed the degenerative joint disease affects his hips - causing pain and stiffness - but he's managing the condition without potent painkillers after previously enduring a stint in rehab 20 years ago to kick an addiction to opioids and Jeff is glad he is already aware of the dangers of strong prescription pills.
He told Rolling Stone magazine: "At this point, right now, I'm in an enormous amount of pain because I have really bad osteoarthritis in my hips, and I count my blessings every day that this isn't the period in my life where I'm going to be introduced to opioids and find out how much power they have over me - and maybe not make it.
"I feel really fortunate to know what I'm up against."
Jeff became addicted to prescription painkillers after he starting medication to treat crippling migraine headaches.
When asked about managing his addiction issues, he explained: "It's a daily thing. It's not something you want to lose sight of. It's not as intense; the feeling of being on a ledge has gone away considerably over the years."
Jeff previously opened up about his battle with addiction in his book 'Let's Go (So We Can Get Back)', revealing a conversation with another patient in rehab helped change his perspective after previously worrying his problems weren't as serious as other people's issues.
The musician wrote: "One time, after a group session, a few of us were in the smoking room and I confided to them: 'I feel like I shouldn’t even open my mouth. I don’t want anyone to get the idea that I think my situation compares'.
"This big black guy, who towered over me, turned around and started shouting at me. “What the [hell] is that? Shut up! We all suffer the same! ... You don’t get to decide what hurts you. You just hurt! Let me say my [stuff], and you say your [stuff], and I’ll be there for you. Okay?'
"It set me straight. I still think it’s one of the wisest things I’ve ever heard."