William Shatner settles divorce

William Shatner has settled his divorce.

The 88-year-old actor only filed documents to legally terminate his marriage to fourth wife Elizabeth Shatner - whom he has been married to since 2001 - last month, but it has now been claimed they've reached a settlement.

According to The Blast, the couple signed a pre-nuptial agreement and so there was no decision to be made in splitting their finances or paying spousal support.

The prenup specifically drew out how the money would be divided up in case they ever divorced, and it has been claimed William won't be paying any of his $100 million net worth in support payments to Elizabeth.

At the time of their divorce last month, it was reported the process would be quick because of the prenup.

A source said: "The Shatners are still negotiating the financial terms. Per the terms of the prenup, neither party will receive any support from the other."

William reportedly used the same lawyer as Kim Kardashian West and Britney Spears for the divorce, which comes as his fourth legal split after previously divorcing ex-wives Nerine Kidd, Marcy Lafferty and Gloria Rand.

The actor has three children - Leslie, 61, Lisabeth, 58, and Melanie, 55 - with Gloria, and no children with his other exes.

Meanwhile, the 'Boston Legal' star previously said he has no regrets in life.

Asked what he would change about his life, William said two years ago: "Nothing. I've got a beautiful wife, three beautiful children and I've raised a large amount of money for charity [a 2,400-mile motorbike ride across country for the American Legion]. Everything that has gone on before has made me one of the luckiest men on Earth."