William Shatner's lost wallet found by fruit stand owner

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William Shatner's missing wallet has been found by the owner of a fruit stand .
The 'Star Trek' actor lost the item during a trip to B andT Farms fruit stand in Gilroy, California on July 20 and it was later found by an employee who discovered the wallet in a bin of corn and handed it over to Gary Tognetti.
Gary then went on a mission to reunite the star with his lost wallet with the help of Gilroy Police Department Officer Mark Tarasco.
Tognetti told Los Angeles ABC affiliate KABC: "I told him ( Officer Tarasco), 'Hey, we found this wallet,' and he wasn't quite sure if I was telling a little joke."
Officer Tarasco added he spent several hours trying to work out how to get hold of Shatner, saying: "If you were to call Beverly Hills PD, they would tell you that there was a few different people calling, trying to get a hold of Mr. Shatner in Beverly Hills."
It was concluded that the actor's wallet must have fallen out of his shirt pocket after he had paid for his fruit and vegetable shopping and it was eventually returned to the star via an overnight delivery service.
Shatner later thanked everyone involved for their honesty and hard work getting the wallet back to him.
In a post on Twitter, he wrote: "I would like to thank Gary and Natalie of B T Farms @TfarmsB for their extreme honesty in returning my lost wallet. They are obviously good citizens. I would also like to thank Officer Mark Tarasco and Sergeant John Ballard from the @GilroyPD My best, Bill."

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