Without U.S. aid, Ukraine's $54 billion lifeline from EU not enough - Finance Minister

Serhiy Marchenko
Serhiy Marchenko

The effectiveness of the European Union's $54 billion aid package to Ukraine over the next four years largely depends on additional support from the United States, Ukraine's Finance Minister Serhiy Marchenko said on March 28.

Marchenko emphasized the integrity of the aid efforts, speaking at the event "Ukraine’s European Path: Dialogues About the Future" on March 28.

"Is the $54 billion earmarked for the Ukraine Facility sufficient?" Marchenko questioned. "It would suffice for the current year with American involvement. But it falls short for the next year."

"Without billions from the United States, it will be quite challenging for us," Marchenko said. "We have a limited window to adapt to this situation. Adaptation efforts should be collaborative. This problem — finding a way to balance and meet its needs — extends beyond Ukraine alone. This commitment aligns with the principles of the G7 countries, upon which our IMF program relies. So, our main goal now is to make it clear to our partners that should we encounter a funding shortfall, we'll be counting on their increased support.."

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