Woman's cheating trap backfires

Bianca Soldani

A woman who set her boyfriend up to see if he'd cheat, has found herself caught in a trap of her own.

Selena got her just desserts after contacting YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater to see how faithful her boyfriend really is.

But unbeknown to her, he had seen their correspondence, so when a pretty woman approached him in the supermarket and asked if he'd be interested in going on a date, he wasn't fooled for a second.

Selena tries to get her boyfriend to cheat, but he knows what's going on. Photo: ToCatchACheater

What he did next was pretty genius.

Instead of going on his way, the boyfriend asked to be recorded rejecting the woman's advances and saying he actually wants to marry Selena.

Her shock is pretty clear when the tape is played back to her.

But the real catch happens when the flirty producer standing next to Selena asks if she'll marry her boyfriend.

"I'm… not sure about that,” she says.

She revealed she's not that into her boyfriend, but doesn't know he's watching. Photo: ToCatchACheater

"I don't love him, I was kinda hoping he was going to cheat and now I'm not feeling it any more,” she continues, thinking the cameras have stopped rolling.

One thing soon leads to another, and she ends up going back to the producer's place, all while her boyfriend is watching! You know what they say about karma...

Check out all the action in the video above.

Selena fails her own cheating test when she goes home with a flirty producer. Photo: ToCatchACheater

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