Woman dumps boyfriend after he abandons her during a mugging

A woman has dumped her boyfriend after she claimed he “sprinted off and left her alone” when they were being mugged.

The 22-year-old, writing under the username Hamdila, shared her tale on Reddit and explained the pair had been out together and making their way to her partner’s car in an alleyway when they were approached by someone.

“Boyfriend sprinted away. He didn’t even look behind him so I was stuck with the mugger,” she recalled.

The woman dumped her boyfriend after he “sprinted off and left her alone” when they were being mugged. Photo: Getty Images

She wasn’t holding anything apart from her phone and said the man then “he rubbed his hands all over me while holding the screwdriver to my throat” to look for items hidden in her clothing.

“I kept hoping that Aiden would be coming back with the cops but nothing. The homeless guy eventually realised I had nothing and just left down the other end of the alley,” she said.

“I walked around the corner and less than a block away there were two police officers”. She told them what happened and said that in less than five minutes they had found the perpetrator.

The woman was taken to the police station to identify him and still didn’t hear from her boyfriend Aiden, 30, for over an hour when he also claimed to be with police and asked if she was ok.

Naturally the woman was not happy he had ran off and left her, especially considering it was quite clear he hadn’t immediately raised the alarm with police

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“After some serious arguing he admitted that he’d gone to hide in a park about three blocks away. I was disgusted,” she wrote.

She broke up with him the next day and claimed he has been begging for her to take him back since. She had taken her story to Reddit to ask what the best way to proceed with the breakup, to either “let him have some dignity or do I blow up his s**t?”

Horrified reactions

“This guy basically left his girlfriend behind to be sexually assaulted (even though the intent of the homeless guy was not sexual in nature, he did grope her in order to gain access to what was in her underwear, and he very easily could have had a different intent) and he tries to say that it was FOR HER OWN GOOD. Dude is either a doubled down coward or completely out of touch with reality,” one Reddit user wrote.

“Just ghost him… you know, like he did to you,” another joked.

Some even claimed her boyfriend’s decision to hide may have had a far more troubling meaning.

“It sounds like your bf didn’t want to find the cops (based on how he hid and wouldn’t come pick you up). I wouldn’t be surprised if your bf has a warrant out for his arrest,” one wrote.

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