Woman gets creepy love letter from stalker

A receptionist originally flattered when given a lengthy love letter soon discovered the romantic gesture was 'creepy' after realising it was from a man more than twice her age.

Clarice Bland*, 23, was waiting for her usual lift to work when a middle-aged man jumped out of a car, ran over to her and said 'someone asked me to give you this' as he handed her an envelope.

"When he'd driven off I opened it then realised it was actually the man who handed it to me," says Clarice.

Clarice was surprised to get a letter from an admirer. Photo: Caters

"It's weird because I've never seen this man in my life and I wait in the same place every day to get my lift to work."

On opening the letter addressed to 'a beautiful girl', she discovered a love note that told her she was the 'most gorgeous, beautiful and sexiest girl I have ever set my eyes upon'.

Despite originally being flattered by the letter, her opinion soon changed.

It was addressed to a beautiful girl. Photo: Caters

After telling her friends about the unusual declaration, Clarice and her pals took to Facebook to carry out some detective work and track down her admirer.

She discovered he was a 56-year-old divorcee and dad-of-two who lived 30 minutes away. And she suspects he's been watching her while she waits for a lift to work.

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Now Clarice has been forced to find a different pick-up point for fear that 'anything could happen' and is continually on the lookout for the man, who she believes is having a 'midlife crisis'.

She says it was strange he said it was from someone else. Photo: Caters

"It can come across as really creepy but it must have taken a lot of balls to give [the letter] to me," she admits.

"It was really strange. I've not contacted him and I definitely won't be doing so in the future."

The typo-riddled note claimed she 'ooses star qualities' and that the 'worst thing that will happen is you get a free meal and have a damn good laugh'.

He said she 'oozes star quality'. Photo: Caters

"Surely he could see that I'm way too young. He's old enough to be my dad," she says.

Clarice, who has a boyfriend, knows there can be a romantic side to these out-of-the-blue expressions of love, but she’s still conscious of her own safety.

"I can see the other side as well, that it's really sweet of him and I'm really flattered too. But it was also very strange to lie and say it was from someone else,” Clarice says.

"If you like a girl, go talk to her. Be friendly, ask her out, get to know her - just don't be creepy about it."


Read the full letter. Photo: Caters
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