Woman's shock after hiring two porn stars to catch out cheating boyfriend

Sarah Carty

A woman has been left speechless after her boyfriend cheated on her with two porn stars.

The woman, who appeared on the show To Catch A Cheater, let the show hire the two women to try to and catch out her other half.

However, little did she expect that her boyfriend would go the whole way with the women – but she ended up hearing audio of their bedroom antics.

A woman got a shock when she hired two porn stars to see if her boyfriend was loyal. Photo: To Catch A Cheater
She let the show To Catch A Cheater hire two porn star to see if her boyfriend would cheat with them. Photo: To Catch A Cheater

The woman admits at the beginning of the video that she has previously cheated on her boyfriend and that he’s “still not over it”.

The clip starts with the women walking up to the man in Las Vegas, asking him if he was Adam Levine from Maroon 5, because he bears such a resemblance to him.

Her boyfriend plays along, asking the two women to engage in a celebrity sex tape with him.

When they ask him if he has a girlfriend, he dodges around the question, pretending not to be able to hear the women.

One of the women then plants a kiss on the man’s lips before they all head upstairs to a more private space.

Things then start to heat up, with the show censoring out the trio’s bedroom antics.

The man's girlfriend couldn't believe it when she saw him go into a bedroom with the women. Photo: To Catch A Cheater

The man’s girlfriend’s jaw drops as she can’t believe what she’s hearing.

“You didn’t let him f*** this chick did you?” she says looking at the producers of the show., before she slams her headphones down and says: “Yeah, I’m done. He f***ed her.”

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