Woman loses leg after being hit by driver who had 28 drinks at bottomless brunch

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Angel Taylor (Reach)
Angel Taylor lost a leg after drink driver Michael Marsden hit her as she walked home. (Reach)

A drink-driver whose collision with a woman forced her leg to be amputated had downed 28 drinks at a bottomless brunch before getting behind the wheel.

Michael Marsden, 23, struck Angel Taylor, 22, with his blue BMW on 5 June last year as she walked home from a pub in Farnham, Surrey.

The impact of the collision 'took her leg off' below the knee, leaving her needing an eight-hour operation.

She also suffered a bleed on her brain, broken ribs and a shattered pelvis.

Off-duty police superintendent Adam Smith saw Angel as he drove home from work, and quickly gave her life-saving treatment, as an off-duty paramedic used his belt as a tourniquet to stop further blood loss.

Detectives identified Marsden's car as being involved, and when they recovered it the next day, found it had a cracked front bumper and was missing a wing mirror.

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Angel Taylor was saved by a passing off-duty police officer and paramedic. (Reach)
Angel Taylor was saved by a passing off-duty police officer and paramedic. (Reach)

When questioned, Marsden said he believed he had hit an animal in the crash and blamed the foggy weather conditions.

Marsden was arrested and toxicology revealed he was over the drink driving limit. Marsden had attended a "bottomless brunch" event in Guildford, where he drank 11 cocktails before driving to more pubs in Aldershot, where he drank 15 shots and two pints.

An examination of his phone showed he had been looking at police appeals following the collision. He even sent messages to friends and family about it.

Previously, Angel's mum described her as "inspiring" after undergoing an eight-hour operation in the wake of the crash.

Sarah Taylor said: "She gave us relief. She has not cried about it once, she says this has happened, I have lost my leg but I am going to get better and get walking. It makes you inspired and she has defied every single odd."

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Michael Marsden, 23, has been jailed for three years. (Reach)
Michael Marsden, 23, has been jailed for three years. (Reach)

Marsden, of Laburnham Road, Aldershot, has now been jailed for three years after pleading guilty to dangerous driving, driving whilst alcohol level over the limit, failure to stop and failure to report when he appeared before the crown court. He was also banned from driving for 54 months.

DC Rick Edwards of Surrey Police, said “Throughout this investigation, Marsden has shown no remorse for what he has done and has even been witnessed mocking the collision amongst his friends.

“The victim has shown immense bravery this past year and I hope that this result gives her some closure and allows her to move forward with her life. It was extremely lucky that Superintendent Adam Smith was driving past at that moment and he, along with the paramedics involved saved the young victims life.”