Woman shares Uber hack for dangerous situation: 'So smart'

Others shared their own safety tips while ride-sharing.

A woman has stunned TikTok after she shared her hack for people who may find themselves in dangerous situations while ride-sharing.

Posting a video on the social media platform, the woman explained what she left behind in the car in case something dire happened to her.

The woman then demonstrated how during her ride she would pull out strands of her hair and drop them on the floor of the car and push her fingerprints onto the back window in case police ever needed to find her DNA.

"I leave hair and fingerprints in all my Ubers," she wrote on the video.

The woman pushes her fingerprints against an Uber window and drops hair on the ground.
The woman leaves fingerprints and hair when she is using ride-sharing apps. Source: TikTok/@brennalinna

Her followers were stunned with some praising the woman for sharing the hack.

"So smart," one commented.

"Wow I never even thought about this," another said.

"If it's for safety reasons I need to start doing it," a third added.


Others flocked to the comments to share their own safety tips when ride-sharing.

"Get in, open the door again always. Act like it didn’t close right. Make sure there’s no child lock on," one suggested.

"Take a pic of the license plate too," another said.

"Please make sure you're sharing your Uber rides with someone through the app too," a comment read.

Uber has its own focus on safety and has taken a number of measures in the event of a dangerous situation.

Not only does the app allow users to share rides with friends, but it also features an emergency button to call local authorities for help.

In a statement ahead of the festive season, Uber said its safety toolkit supported safety before, during and after every ride.

"In the unlikely event of an accident or an emergency during your trip, you can connect with emergency services via the in-all Emergency Assistance button. You can let the operator know exactly where you are by sharing the details on your app screen," the statement said.

"We also have a RideCheck feature that can detect when something may have gone wrong during your trip such as an unexpected long stop or emergency and will send an in-app prompt to confirm you're okay."

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