Woman snaps horrifying pic of asylum ghost caretaker

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A student has been left horrified after exploring an abandoned mental asylum after dark saw her captured the image of a ghostly caretaker who haunts the building on camera.

Kyla Peberdy was with three friends at the Denbigh Asylum, in Wales earlier this month, when she came across a derelict corridor.

Despite hearing banging, talking and experiencing cold shivers, it wasn't until Kyla looked back at the snaps that she noticed the ghostly figure.

Kyla was left terrified after checking out the deserted asylum with friends. Photo: Caters News

“It wasn't until we returned to the car and I was looking through the photographs that I saw the ghost,” said Kyla.

"As soon as I saw the figure I had a horrible pain in my chest, that went all the way down my arm, and I couldn't speak, it was terrifying.

The 22-year-old believes the figure snapped lurking in the distance could be the ghost of a deceased care-taker who used to work at the asylum.

"It was really scary in there – it felt as though ghosts were present because I could feel the tension,” said the Cheshire local.

It was only later Kyla spotted the eerie figure in her photo. Photo: Caters News

"When I started taking photographs I could see orbs and mist covering my screen, as though the ghost was getting in the photo.

"As soon as I saw the mist I knew I had to get out of the asylum so I ran out, but as I was running I could still hear voices.

"However even when I thought I was safe in the car, that's when I saw the caretaker in the photograph of the corridor. My fear took over all over again."

Despite her scare, Kyla's determined to see even more of the haunted asylum. Photo: Caters News

Kyla, an avid fan of the paranormal, decided to explore the abandoned asylum after hearing that it was haunted.

Despite being sceptical about what she would find, Kyla came out of the asylum horrified and having her beliefs of the paranormal confirmed.

She’s even determined to return to the asylum and spend time in the adjoining morgue.

"Although it was terrifying, going back to the building in the day would be a great way to continue exploring,” she said.

"We also didn't get to see the morgue when we were there, and that's something that the paranormal side of me really wants to see.

"I want to camp there in hope of seeing some more ghosts. It would be interesting to see if the caretaker returned."

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