Woman Tells Husband to 'Hold His Pee' During Two-Hour Flight With Newborn and Toddler

"So many times I have to pee when I'm watching the boys, but [I] hold it until timing is better," a wife writes on Reddit

<p>Getty</p> Airplane lavatory


Airplane lavatory

A woman is igniting conversation online after sharing that she asked her husband to "hold his pee" aboard a flight with her and their two kids: a 3-month-old and a 2-year-old.

In a post shared anonymously to Reddit, the woman says the conversation was spurred by a recent three-and-a-half hour flight the family took, when they were "unable to buy seats together" — forcing her and the newborn in the middle aisle seat and him in the aisle seat, with the toddler in the middle.

"About an hour into the flight, my husband gets up to pee while I’m nursing baby and as soon as he leaves, the toddler crawls over to me," she explains. "I try to get the toddler to sit on my lap but he causes baby to stop eating so baby is crying on me while I’m trying to hold the toddler and not disrupt the two people I’m sitting next to."

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<p>Getty</p> Father with baby on airplane


Father with baby on airplane

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To make matters worse, she adds, her husband then "got stuck behind the beverage cart" for 20 minutes.

Later, the same situation happened when her husband got up to use the restroom again. "Same thing happens," she writes.

"After the flight, I told my husband how hard it was to balance both boys and asked if he can just hold his pee," she continues in the post. "So many times I have to pee when I’m watching the boys, but [I] hold it until timing is better. He said he can’t."

When she asked if her husband could wait to go until the baby isn't nursing and she has two hands free, "he said no and he should be able to pee when he has to go."

"We have a full summer of flying ahead of us, including a few international trips, and I’m worried," the woman adds.

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Couple arguing at airport terminal

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Elsewhere in the post, the woman explains that her husband "pees a lot," but that he has been to the urologist, who has ruled out any prostate or cancer issues.

"He does work a full time job in an office and does go hours without peeing when he has back to back calls so he’s capable of holding it," the woman writes in the post. "He’s never peed himself or had an accident."

Now, the woman wants to know whether she was in the wrong.

Commenters have weighed in, with many agreeing that the husband should have waited to go to the restroom until his wife could more easily manage the children.

Others accused the husband of "weaponized incompetence," with one writing, "Do you think if he was at the workplace and leaving a presentation mid-way to go to the bathroom, his colleagues would be understanding? I guarantee you if she had gone off and spent 20 minutes in the bathroom while he's out there with a baby and a toddler he's not going to be so happy about it."

"If you've never had to breastfeed an infant with a toddler all over you at the same time then you really have no idea how frustrating and difficult that is," the commenter added. "All he has to do is communicate properly and not be such an inconsiderate jerk."

Others asked why the husband didn't bring one of the children with him to the restroom, writing, "I wonder if he is trying to get a break from the kids and using this as an excuse."

Still others said the mother should start taking her own bathroom breaks.

"Every time he goes to the bathroom, wait until he gets back and then go to the bathroom yourself," wrote one commenter. "This means he gets his needs met as he needs to pee so urgently and you get your needs met by having 10 mins to breath after having the stress of managing both."

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