The 'vile' reason this woman was uninvited from sister's BBQ

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A woman has shared the shocking reason her sister virtually uninvited her from a family BBQ, and it has left other internet users fuming.

Taking to Mumsnet to shared her fury, she explained that her sister was organising a BBQ at her house and had started a group chat to find our when other family members were free.

“On a scale of 1-10 how mad should I be about this,” she asked.

“We all listed the dates we could do, there were a number of dates everyone could do and one date I couldn't. She chose that date.”

When she asked her sister why she had chosen that particular date, even though there were others where everyone could attend, the sister claimed she might feel comfortable at the event as she was also inviting a lot of her clients.

Her sister, the woman explained, is a personal trainer, whereas at a size 16 she was considered overweight.

Female fitness trainer giving a class

To clear up exactly what her sister meant, she decided to give her a call.

“Cut a long story short she started by saying everyone going was really slim and cared about their weight (my anger rose to about 5/10 here),” she continued.

“Then she proceeded to suggest it looked bad on her as a personal trainer if she had a 'fat' sister (anger soared to 10/10 at this point!)”

“I hung up the phone. I have never hung up the phone on her before. I am fuming!!!! What do I say to her?”

People were understandably shocked, and pointed out that as a personal trainer, she shouldn’t be judging people on their appearance.

“I can't actually articulate a response at this point as I am [shocked],” one person wrote.

“You say nothing. She needs to apologise. Vile attitude. Hopefully one of your family will deal with her nastiness,” another added.

“How shallow of her to even think this let alone say it out loud,” was another response.

“I've worked with a lot of PTs over the years and I don't know any who would judge in that way,” one person said. “And in fact any PT worth their salt knows weight isn't the only measure for health and fitness. So basically she's a shocking sister and apparently a sh** PT.”

Some even suggested she try and show up regardless.

“Can you rearrange your thing on that date? I would show up unannounced and act up stuff sausages in your mouth and drink champagne out of the bottle, that kind of thing,” one person wrote.

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