Woman horrified by wrong number text about cheating boyfriend

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A woman who was left horrified after receiving a wrong number text about a cheating boyfriend, wrote back in the perfect way.

Holly Baxter took to her Twitter account to upload a screenshot of the text message she received from a stranger, alongside the caption: “A wrong number text I did not expect”.

Man dating on line and girlfriend spying
A woman couldn't believe it when she got a message from a stranger talking about their cheating boyfriend. Photo: Getty Images

“Hi Jenn! Congratulations with the new baby! My news no[sic] very good,” the text read.

"James and I are over. He cheated on me..How are you? Let's catch up! - Angela -"


People on Twitter immediately commented, writing: “Wow Angela is showing such grace, congratulating Jenn on the new baby and everything when she has James’s antics to deal with…”

Cheating text
The woman, named Anglea, was texting her friend, Jenn, to congratulate her on having her baby. Photo: Twitter/Holly Baxter

Another person simply wrote: “Am fuming at James #TeamAnglea,” while another said: “Hope he doesn’t get invited to the christening. Chicks before dicks, Jenn!”

Others asked Holly to write back and play along to get the full story.

Cheating text on Twitter
Holly wrote back in the perfect way. Photo: Twitter/Holly Baxter

Holly text back saying: “Angela! I’m not Jenn but I just wanted to say James sounds like an asshole. You’re better than him girl! Good luck!.”

She updated her followers saying she “went down the solidarity route” with Anglela, with people praising her for choosing the “moral path”.

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