Women find mysterious letter in a bottle written the day before 9/11

A mother and daughter have found messages in a bottle which were penned the day before the September 11 attacks. Photo: Getty Images

An American mother and daughter have found several letters in a bottle, containing messages penned the very day before 9/11.

Amy Gasaway and her daughter Amanda Butler made the shock discovery along the shores of Lake Michigan, near Chicago last week among other piles of rubbish.

“We always walk between these two parks right here because there’s always a lot of litter washed up," Amy Gasaway told Fox 17 West Michigan.

“We found a class project for an AP class of English out of Clayton, Indiana.”

The first letter was written by the teacher of the class at Cascade High School, Diane Flint, where she explained her Honors English students' assignment — to write the messages in a bottle and see if anyone ever wrote back.

The two other letters included were written by two then 15-year-old students, unaware of how the their world would change in the days following their messages.

The pair are hopeful that they can find both the students to discover how their lives turned out. Photo: Getty Images

“I’m sure they had no clue whatsoever how the world was about to change in front of them," Gasaway said.

“It really makes you wonder you know, what these young men have gone through since then. There’s been a lot of changes since 9/11, since they wrote these.”

Gasaway and Butler, with the help of FOX 17, are hopeful that they can find both the students to discover how their lives turned out.

“We’re also curious at how many of them came back from their project, you know?" Gasaway says.

"Is this maybe one of the last few out there? Were there every any found, you know? We do have a couple questions for them.”

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