Woolworths worker in angry confrontation after woman tracks missing AirPods to store

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A woman’s four-day saga tracking down her "stolen" AirPods has ended in a standoff between herself and an employee in a Woolworths store.

On Sunday, a Canberra woman chronicled her quest to locate her AirPods, which went missing after a night out in Melbourne on Tuesday May 17.

The amateur sleuth's investigation led her to a Melbourne Woolies, where she located an employee in possession of the missing accessories.

Social media video showing Woolworths worker being confronted over missing AirPods
A Canberra woman chronicled her investigation into her missing AirPods, which led her to a Melbourne Woolworths store. Source: Social media

Woman tracks AirPods to Woolworths store

During their confrontation, which was shared on social media, the Woolies staffer said her boyfriend innocently found the AirPods and she pledged to return them after her shift.

However, the owner of the AirPods uncovered the worker's deception when she received a tracking notification that the headphones were still in the store she had just visited.

In the video, the woman returns to the store to confront the Woolies worker and demand she return her AirPods.

Confrontation goes viral

"I know the AirPods are still here, so you're either going to give them to me or I'm going to go down to the cop station," she says in the clip, which has been viewed over 2.6 million times.

After the Woolworths worker denies having them at the store, the woman responds: "They are here, they've been pinging here."

A tense conversation between the Woolies worker and her boyfriend ensues over the phone, where the employee discovers he put the AirPods in her bag.

"You made it so messy," the Woolies worker tells her boyfriend, before hanging up.

Woolworths sign outside supermarket with logo
Woolworths told Yahoo News Australia that the incident is under investigation. Source: AAP

She then tells the owner of the AirPods she will "have a look" in her bag for the missing items, before disappearing into the store and waving her away.

"I just want my AirPods!" shouts the woman at the dismissive employee.

Woolworths 'looking into' claims made in viral video

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that they are aware of the incident and are investigating it.

"We're aware of a social media video that makes reference to a Woolworths team member and are looking into it," said the spokesperson.

Woman reunited with AirPods

Despite viewers being left with no conclusion at the end of the dramatic showdown, the woman has since revealed she has been reunited with her beloved AirPods in a series of follow-up videos.

"Yes, I did get my AirPods back!" said the woman in a recent video, holding her missing AirPods.

Woman holds missing AirPods in social media video; Woolworths storefront
The woman revealed in a follow-up video that she has been reunited with her beloved AirPods since the Woolworths confrontation. Source: Social media/AAP

In the same clip, the woman revealed how she confronted both the Woolworths worker and her boyfriend several times to retrieve her missing AirPods.

"It became the bane of my existence, because I own them, I could see them charging, they were using them [...] I have the receipts," she explained.

She revealed how Apple's tracking technology allowed her to trace the couple all over Melbourne, including to their apartment building in the CBD, to Southbank for dinner, on the train, and finally, to the Woolworths store.

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