It's either a touching story about the lengths people will go for love, or a testament to bad parenting.

A 13 year-old girl from Texas drove more than hundreds of miles in a bid to finally meet her internet boyfriend.

Elizabeth Robinson had met her boyfriend and one true love online playing the computer game Call of Duty.

Her mother told the KHOU TV station: "She had mentioned that she was talking to a boy online and said he was her boyfriend"

"She started staying in her bedroom more, isolating herself where she was always with the headset, always talking. That's how they communicated through the Xbox."

Elizabeth made her bid for freedom last Wednesday night, and wasn't discovered to be missing until the morning after.

She took her mother's credit card, and her brother's Nissan Versa, according to Gawker, in a bid to reach Kentucky.

Police were able to track her movements thanks to the use of the credit card, and she was found hundreds of miles from her home.

In a cute twist to the story, when her father came to pick her up, he decided to drive her the extra hundred miles or so in order to meet her online flame.

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