Teacher had sex with student in car
Teacher 'had sex with student in car'

A married school teacher has been arrested for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a student at her school.

Lauren Harrington-Cooper, a teacher at Wyoming Valley West High School, was taken into custody by police after the boy's parents found an explicit conversation between him and the 31-year-old on a laptop, the Daily Mail reported.

The two allegedly began speaking over text message after the boy's sister gave him Harrington-Cooper's number.

Harrington-Cooper allegedly told the sister she thought the boy was "hot".

Soon after, the pair exchanged text messages and allegedly began to meet up for sex in the boy's car.

Once parents found out about the alleged lewd messages, they contacted the school and police arraigned Harrington-Cooper that night.

Lauren Harrington-Cooper with her husband Raphael Cooper. Photo: Facebook

The woman has been placed under medical supervision after she reportedly tried to self-harm, the Time-Leader reported.

Raphael Cooper, Harrington-Cooper's husband, suspended the classes at his local dance studio after speaking of "a family emergency".

"After the holiday, I , Raphael Cooper will address all of the members of our studio as to our future. Please keep everyone in our family in your prayers as we confront the days ahead," he wrote in a later Facebook post.

Harrington-Cooper will face a preliminary hearing on December 26.

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