Cheeky ad tells Danes to Do It For Denmark
Cheeky ad tells Danes to 'Do It For Denmark'

Forget Peter Costello's infamous pitch at getting Australians to have more kids, check out what they're doing in Denmark.

The country has been experiencing a falling rate of births, and now a hilarious new ad is out trying to get Danes in the mood for love, the Daily Mail reported.

The ad, titled "Do It For Denmark!", encourages feisty couples to go on holidays where they can let their libido roar.

The clip cheekily suggests that 10 per cent of all Danish children were born while on holidays.

And right now Denmark needs its residents to stand up and deliver.

"The birth rate is at a 27-year low, and there are not enough children being born to support the ageing population," the ad said.

"The Danish government has not found a solution. But there has to be one. Meet Emma, she's Danish. But even though she was born and raised in Denmark, she was made in Paris, up there, in that hotel room.

Danes have much more sex while on holidays, according to one therapist. Photo: Supplied

"Thirty years ago, Emma's parents took a little getaway. If these walls could talk... But it turns out Emma's case isn't so rare. 10 per cent of all Danish children are conceived on holidays."

The ad then turns to therapist Birgit Dagmar Johansen, who says that "to travel and get new experiences affects relationships because couples see each other in a new light. It releases endorphins in the brain and creates desire for sex". 

The voiceover adds: "So to help the falling Danish birth rate, Spies Travel wants to encourage all Danes to take a romantic city holiday.

"After all, it will also help our future business. But if doing it for Denmark isn't enough, we made a little competition.

"Book your holiday with our ovulation discount. Get it on. And prove you conceived a child to win a three-year supply of baby stuff and a child-friendly holiday.

The promoter of the campaign has offered three year's worth of baby supplies if you can prove your baby was born while on holiday. Photo: Supplied

"But what if you already did your duty? Or what if your chance of conceiving a children isn't so high?
"Well look at it this way. It's not just about winning. All the fun is in the participation. Participate in the competition.
"Do it for Denmark."

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